Berättelse: Love? Chapter 2.

07.07.2010 kl. 00:34
För att jag verkar inte kunna producera något nytt åt er så får ni njuta av att skratta åt mitt gamla skräp xD

Chapter 2.

What am I thinking? Virna thought. I can’t be in love with James. That’s impossible! Or was it?
Virna lied down on her bed and looked at the ceiling. How could she even think that?!
She decided not to think about James any more but she just couldn’t stop!
“No!” she screamed. “I will not think about him, he’s not worth it!”
Her mother wasn’t home so she could scream as much as she wanted.
She went to the window and looked out to see if they had left. No, they were still standing there looking stupid. Virna decided that she’ll call her best friend Rory and ask her to come.

When Rory came and Virna had told her everything from what had happened to the feeling.
“Is it really that bad?” Rory asked. “He’s not bad looking is he?!”
“No maybe he’s not” Virna said. “but he is a pig!”
Rory looked at her friend.
“He has asked you our a hundred times! What if you just say yes and see if there could be something between you two?
“Nooo,” Virna almost screamed. “are you crazy?”
Rory looked terrified at Virna. “You don’t need to snap at me!!” she said angrily. “I’m just trying to help, you know!”
“I’m sorry!” Virna said and walked to Rory and gave her a big hug. “I’m just confused right now.”
“Yeah, I understand” Rory said. “I would be to if I were you!”
Virna smiled at her friend. “Thanks!”
Rory smiled back. “No problem!”
“Could you look if they are still standing there looking stupid?” Virna asked Rory.
“I don’t need to look” she answered. “They are still waiting.”
“Who are they waiting for?” Virna asked.
“Us!” Rory answered as if it would be the easiest thing in the world.

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